Our facilities and care homes benefit from about 400,000 hours of volunteer time annually. In other words, the compassionate care delivered by our staff teams is extended at a ratio of one volunteer for every three staff. Few other sectors can boast this level of volunteer support and services.

Most CHAA organizations rely on strategic fundraising to augment quality of life services for residents. In our care homes, the quality of life for every senior in our care is enriched by approximately $1,200 annually in charitable donations.

Putting donations to work

Volunteers and charitable donations typically go toward:

  • Music and recreational programming

  • Pet therapy and visitation services

  • Purchase of transport vans for resident outings and shopping trips

  • Planting and upkeep of gardens and outdoor living spaces

  • Chapels, hair salons, exercise rooms, cinema theatres, and other on-site amenities

  • Celebrations and special events

  • Enhanced resources for families, such as visitation spaces and technology for virtual visits

  • Offsetting fees for residents without the financial means to contribute to the cost of their accommodation.

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