Quality of life

Quality of life is largely determined by the sense of family and shared values within facility-based living. Residents often speak about what contributes most to quality of life: Caring relationships, kindness, connections with others, respect, autonomy, camaraderie, joy, laughter, and a sense of purpose and belonging.

Equity, diversity & inclusion

CHAA’s first not-for-profit care homes in Alberta began in the 1860s through the mission work of faith-based organizations. Our calling then — as it remains today — is to offer care to individuals struggling with inequities, poverty, social isolation, marginalization, and other challenges of daily living.  We welcome all residents in our care homes, regardless of faith, culture, sexual orientation/identity, financial circumstances, or cognitive capacity.

Thriving in place

Most residents in continuing care develop strong friendships and roots among the familiar faces and routines in their care home. Our goal is always to maintain a stable and consistent residence for those needing care — ideally in the same care home if possible, and certainly in the same community.

Pandemic protections

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us a great deal about gaps and challenges in the continuing care system. CHAA and our not-for-profit operators played a leadership role from the onset of the pandemic to advocate for system-wide protections, share early learnings, and find new ways to support residents and families through some difficult years.