Our values


The offerings of a dignified life are a gift we give selflessly, for no profit or reward can be greater than to live the example set by our faith.


We are best able to serve by understanding the needs, fears, desires and hopes of those for whom we care.


Families are an integral part of our care team and our practices will ensure they remain connected to their loved ones.


We will afford care to all Albertans including those disadvantaged by the inequitable distribution of wealth and privilege; we will advocate for the forgotten, the marginalized, the sick and the elderly.


Our positive morals and ethics are guided by our faith, and we execute our responsibilities with a fundamental passion for honesty, respect and trust among our members, workers and residents


Before all others, we are accountable to those for whom we care and to their families. We are also accountable to our Christian leaders and the tenets of our faith.

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