In 2018, the Province of Alberta passed the Resident and Family Councils Act. The Act gives residents and families the right to establish a council for the purposes of:

  • Discussing the quality of life of residents in care

  • Discuss concerns about care or the facility, and identify possible solutions

  • Making requests to the facility

All CHAA operators have a resident and family council and are actively engaged with the council. Topics commonly addressed through council discussions include:

  • Use of donated funds, such as for recreational activities or extras for residents (e.g., purchasing a van for transportation)

  • Building policies and preferences, such as visitor protocols or use of common spaces

  • Opportunities to enhance residence experience, such as developing a community garden

  • Consultation on programming or major staffing changes

  • Concerns related to food services, staffing or other issues

  • COVID-related measures such as staff vaccination and managing outbreaks.

Alberta Government has produced an Alberta Family and Resident Council Toolkit to guide Albertans on the roles and responsibilities of councils. Please check with your CHAA facility if you’d like to become active in their Family and Resident Council.

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