Helping us love your loved one with dementia

Residents living with dementia can at times become confused, anxious or angry, and may have difficulty verbalizing their needs and feelings. Our care staff will often look to family members to help find comforting activities, gestures or words — particularly memories of people and events from years or decades ago. As families fill in the history gaps, care staff understand how they can connect more deeply with the rich life and memories of residents with dementia.

In one of our care homes, when Bill’s progressing dementia led to a loss in appetite, family members helped care staff find a simple yet effective solution that involved a very famous performer.

Resident and Family Councils

Have a say in how facilities are managed

In addition to the informal, daily interactions between care home staff and families, every operator also has a Resident and Family Council for more structured, regular discussions about the facility and its operations. Families are welcome to request a seat on the council and get involved in the day-to-day decision-making about the care home.

Topics discussed by the council vary widely, but may include discussions, surveys or town-hall meetings where families and residents can:

  • ·Offer input on services, meals, quality of life matters, or recreational outings.

  • Weigh in on care home policies such as use of common areas, visitation protocols, or masking protocols.

  • Participate in decisions about how donations and volunteers can best enhance resident care and experience.

  • Raise concerns about care home challenges or problem areas, such as access, communication or services.

The Resident and Family Council Act of Alberta governs the obligations of operators to consult with residents and family members, as well as the rights of opportunities for members of each site’s council. The Alberta Government has a Toolkit with excellent information about Resident and Family Councils.

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