All faiths are welcome and celebrated

CHAA organizations welcome and serve residents of all faiths, ensuring the care we provide is inclusive of all denominations and spiritual beliefs. Whether residents seek Christian or non-denominational spiritual guidance as part of their care experience — or to receive the pastoral care and chaplaincy services that are offered within CHAA facilities — residents and families alike find our spiritual care services to be unparalleled.

Most CHAA care homes have a dedicated chaplain or spiritual care leader who supports residents, families and staff with spiritual health matters, healing, and personal wellness. Spiritual wellness is typically incorporated throughout programming as an essential component of resident quality of life.

Palliative and end-of-life care

Residents in long-term care settings are often approaching the last 12-18 months of life — a time when spiritual care needs can become profoundly important. Staff in our care homes have decades of experience offering compassionate, inclusive, and respectful care to residents and their loved ones as they transition through to end-of-life.

Did you know? There are nearly 170 different religions practised in Canada as reported by Statistics Canada. Faith is central to the lives of Albertans and seniors in particular: approximately 80% of Albertans aged 75 and over report a religious affiliation compared to 58% of adults aged 18-64. About two-thirds of adults 65+ report Christianity as their religion.

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