Work environment is mission critical

The staff in our care homes are often drawn to work in faith-based environments due to the strong values embedded in our calling to serve the most vulnerable: charity, empathy, compassion, family, integrity, social justice, and accountability.

With both the employer and the workforce anchored around a shared sense of empathy, compassion and service to others, these values shine through in every interaction with residents — and become a significant contributor to resident quality of life.

When staff deeply care for each other, and are respected and valued by their employer, the caring approach toward residents amplified. CHAA care homes are well known for collaborative and empowered teams — always guided by resident quality of life and a community of caring staff.

CHAA leaders invest heavily in staff training, professional development, and mentoring. We often train health care aides (HCAs) on our own — through an apprenticeship-style workplace tutor model — to give learners the full experience of why non-profit care is different.

And among the 80% of care homes that are managed by contracted operators, CHAA worksites stand out for offering the highest-possible FTE positions to staff — ensuring a majority of staff are entitled to benefits such as sick leave, medical/dental benefits, and paid vacation.

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