The accreditation process is a rigorous and demanding exercise that covers all aspects of operations — and involves months of preparation by the operator. Areas evaluated include:

  • Care delivery: Are staff appropriately oriented, educated,  trained and evaluated? Do all staff understand their scope of practice and limitations? How is best practice taught, modelled and monitored? Are care records properly maintained and updated? How well does information flow between care providers? Is technology used appropriately and safely? How are adverse events prevented and reported?

  • Resident experience: Is the care resident-centered? How is resident quality of life optimized? How are equity, diversity and inclusion needs met? Is the care culturally and spiritually responsive to resident needs and preferences? How are families and partners involved in care planning and delivery? Are there processes to report resident abuse and neglect?

  • Infection Prevention and Control: Does the care home meet high standards for the protection of residents and staff from infectious diseases? Are there appropriate procedures and policies in place? Is the necessary protective equipment available? What vaccination policies are in place? Are staff trained safety measures and infection control practices? Are outbreak management measures clear and actionable? Is the site clean and well kept?

  • Medication management: Is medication stored and handled appropriately, and administered safely and reliably? Are there protocols for the use of high-alert medications? Is drug inventory appropriately monitored and managed? Are all staff trained and evaluated on medication management? Does medication charting meet standards of excellence? Are residents informed and involved in medication use and self-administration?

  • Emergency and disaster management: Is there a clear plan for emergency preparedness and disaster management? Do all leaders and staff understand their roles and responsibilities?  Are simulation exercises conducted? Are there contingency staffing plans? Are there adequate plans for the triage and transportation of residents to an alternate location? Is there a plan for staff, resident and family communication?

  • Site leadership and governance: Are roles and accountabilities clearly articulated? How are policies, directives, decisions and communication handled? Are resident and staff input reflected in decisions made? Is there a just and safe culture? Is resident health and safety prioritized? Is there a continuous quality improvement mindset? Are protocols clear and understood? Is there psychological safety for reporting? Are staff healthy, safe, and empowered?

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