In 2019, CHAA’s continuing care operators began discussions with sector partners about modernizing our care system. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the urgency of system transformation, and by 2021, Alberta’s Facility-Based Continuing Care (RBCC) Review laid out a seven-year plan to begin the ambitious plans to transform continuing care.

Two years later, our sector has made a huge amount of progress together. CHAA’s board has been closely involved with all aspects of planning — including meetings as often as weekly to offer advice and input on potential system changes.

  • 2020: Collaborative working groups created to consult on the continuing care change plan

  • Sector consultations on Facility-Based Continuing Care (FBCC) Review

  • 2021: Palliative and End of Life consultations begin

  • FBCC Review – Final report released

  • 2022: Drafting of new Continuing Care Act

  • Regulations consultation begin

  • Planning begins for home care enhancements

  • Funding model review discussions begin

  • Workforce discussions begin

  • 2023: Continuing Care Act passed

  • Workforce strategy discussions and actions begin.

  • Regulations drafting begins

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