To be covered (i.e., all or part of the service is paid for by health care funding):

  • The individual must be assessed by a health professional from Alberta Health Services

  • AHS must verify that the services are needed and that the individual meets the eligibility requirements

  • AHS will then set up the services or provide options for the resident to set up their own services.

Only 20% of publicly funded continuing care services in Alberta are delivered in facilities owned or operated by Alberta Health Services (AHS). The remaining 80% of services are delivered in facilities owned and operated by contracted providers.

However, most of the decisions regarding access to publicly funded health services are made by AHS. In other words:

  • AHS Continuing Care Access is the main point of entry to get assessed for publicly funded home care or facility-based continuing care services.

  • AHS manages the matching of individuals needing care with the available spaces in the system. AHS also manages which individuals are placed in spaces operated by contracted providers.

  • Individuals can’t go directly to a continuing care home to request assessment for admission. All requests for publicly funded care must go through AHS Continuing Care Access, which is a central intake process.

  • Individuals seeking care in a private pay facility are able to approach the site directly for admission.

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