Nearly 95% of all seniors and adults with disabilities are able to safely and comfortably live at home throughout their senior years. For those choosing to remain in their own home, it’s not uncommon to need anywhere from 10 to 40 years of support from family and friends as caregivers. 

According to Caregivers Alberta, there are an estimated one million caregivers in Alberta who provide approximately 620 hours each of caregiving time annually. That’s nearly two hours per day — with some family members providing care for 20, 30 or even 40+ hours per week. 

The families, friends and other caregivers who support their aging loved ones represent the backbone of our entire continuing care system. Without these family caregivers, we couldn’t possibly care for the growing number of Albertans who want to remain at home in a familiar environment.

Families provide care in our facilities, too

At CHAA’s not-for-profit facilities and services, we welcome family members and friends across our sites. If you have a loved one in a CHAA site, you’ll be embraced as a full member of the care team and an essential participant in the compassionate care provided to your family member.

Many family members do double duty as both direct caregivers and as facility/program volunteers. CHAA operators are unique in that we are huge benefactors of a generous base of volunteers. Consider yourself among the 4,000 volunteers who provide 400,000 hours of volunteer companionship and support to the 35,000 residents in our care facilities and programs.

Looking for volunteer opportunities?

Relief and respite care

Staff in CHAA facilities and programs are always looking out for the health and well-being of family members — whether you’re caring for a loved one at home or spending time with loved ones in facility-based care. 

If you find you’re struggling with the demands of caregiving, please reach out to staff within the facility or to Caregivers Alberta to discuss caregiver supports and resources. 

Many CHAA facilities also have relief and respite care services available for families that need a break from caregiving or need a vacation. Services may take the form of:

  • Day Programs, where you can register to bring your loved one for social activities, meals and supervision while you attend to your own appointments or activities.

  • Respite Care Programs, where you register to bring your loved one for overnight stays on an occasional or regular basis.