Workforce symposium 2023

To this end, 50 leaders from CHAA organizations came together in March 2023 to identify immediate, actionable solutions that could be implemented both collaboratively and autonomously across CHAA operators.

CHAA’s Health Human Resource Symposium focused on four broad areas:

  • Staff health and wellbeing, including resiliency and burnout, front-line leadership development, and attracting and retaining staff.

  • HCA workforce, including the current profile and risks, educational/credential pathway challenges, the workforce tutor program, and equivalency assessment processes.

  • Agency staffing, including the drivers and consequences associated with operator reliance on agencies, as well as the accompanying risks and financial consequences.

  • Union agreements, including the role collective agreements play in supporting our transition to forward-focused workforce models.

Throughout the symposium, operators reaffirmed the critical role we play in championing a paradigm shift across our sector — beginning with CHAA operators. We committed to transitioning from a purely competitive environment to more collaborative approaches to addressing staff recruitment and retention challenges.

As a close-knit community of like-minded, values-driven operators, CHAA has the potential to demonstrate the value and benefits of increasingly collaborative efforts to solutions that will support all operators, and not simply enhance some operators’ ability to compete against others for the same pool of staff.

CHAA operators identified 24 actionable initiatives and demonstration projects. Some are within the scope of CHAA operators to begin immediately through a collaborative, cross-operator effort. Others need varying levels of collaboration and leadership by system partners, funders, post-secondary institutions, community organizations, and other stakeholders. We anticipate the most promising initiatives will begin within the 2023-24 year.

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