Since the mid-1800s, CHAA operators have remained committed to serving the most vulnerable Albertans. This means no one is ever turned away, even if they can’t afford the accommodation charge. It’s not uncommon for a care home to use creative approaches to help lower-income residents, such as linking individuals with support programs or using donations or fundraising events to cover the costs.

We’re also a strong advocate for ensuring publicly delivered continuing care is affordable for every Albertan needing services. We believe there are ways to strike a balance between affordability for residents and viability for operators.

Did you know...

In the early to mid-1900s, it wasn’t unusual for families to pay for the care of their loved ones by offering to sew bedsheets or blankets, perform some casual labour, or drop off canned vegetables or fresh flowers.

Today, CHAA’s not-for-profit operators still rely heavily on the generosity of our volunteers and donors. It’s through their gifts that we can ensure no Alberta resident in need is ever turned away from a care home environment.