LHCC is an important provider of health care in the area, providing services in Acute, Emerge, OR, allied health, LTC, Lab and DI, and much more. Recently, the LHCC acquired the Morley Young Manor with 42 units that is a Supportive Independent Living facility connected to the hospital. The LHCF is a Housing Management Body that provides housing for Seniors in Lamont County. They have two lodges: one in Lamont and the other in Mundare. They also have Self-Contained Units in various towns and villages in Lamont County and two social houses for low-income families. The Foundation provides a total of 157 units and employes 50 staff.

Shahad’s background prior to joining the LHCC and LHCF includes an education and training leading to his CPA designation. He has worked for both Catholic Social Services and St. Andrews Centre in Edmonton. When not working, Shahad enjoys spending time with his family and volunteering.