Our History

A rich history of advocacy

CHAA is Alberta’s longest-serving association in the acute care and continuing care sector. Our doors opened in June 1943 – a month after the end of the Second World War – as the provincial government began ramping up health care infrastructure across the province.

At that time, CHAA’s earliest not-for-profit operators had already worked alongside military hospital facilities for nearly a century to care for the ill, wounded, and aged. We were poised to lead Alberta’s foray into publicly funded Medicare in 1945, which has remained a cornerstone of CHAA values decades later. Our operators continue to be widely regarded as Alberta's first public health care system.


Fast forward to today

We've grown a lot in 80 years, as we've progressed from establishing direct services for Albertans to transforming our entire continuing care system.

Here are CHAA’s action areas for 2023-25

  • Data-driven metrics to improve system performance.

  • Quality and outcome indicators for a transformed system.

  • Values-driven care focused on quality of life.

  • Sustainable care environments – so residents, families and staff can thrive.

  • Strengthen the role of not-for-profit providers.

  • Collaborate around our common values and mission.

  • Expand our ability to serve more communities.

While our early years focused predominantly on advocating on behalf of hospital, auxiliary hospital and nursing home services, today our education and advocacy work encompasses the entire continuum of care.

Still serving those most in need

of Alberta’s palliative care and hospice beds
of Alberta's designated (publicly funded) supportive living beds
of Alberta's LTC beds requiring 24/7 nursing care

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